Should You Keep Your Phone’s Box?


Many of you, when reading the title of this post probably thought ‘ummm…NO!’. But what if we told you that you may be wrong? There are several reasons why you should consider keeping your box. Let’s check out why maybe you should make some space for your phone’s box!

Warranty Period

This doesn’t go for all phones and for all sellers, but yes, some sellers require the original box if you report a malfunction of you phone. I personally don’t understand the idea behind this policy, but on the other hand, I personally have had a problem when trying to return a device with defect and I didn’t have the box. So simply, what’s best in this case is to keep you box somewhere until the warranty period expires since you never know what may happen. If, like myself you are protesting again this policy, let’s go out on a protest! 🙂

Selling Your Phone

If you are a tech freak, it is highly likely that soon you will decide to get yourself another phone. In order not to have old devices sitting in the drawer, selling them seems like a nice idea. Well, truth is, many people who buy used phones would prefer to see them in the original box. Sure, it doesn’t make any difference to the phone, but getting something in the original box is a nice thing, and it almost makes you feel like you are buying it first hand.

Being Creative

In the end, today’s phones come with very good boxes which are a product of a well thought of design. If boxes didn’t matter, they would send the phones in cardboards. If you are at least a little bit on the creative side, you may use the box and turn it into something interesting. If you have the time to do it, check out around the Internet and you may get an idea!

phone box diy


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