Ladies Special: Period Tracker

period tracker

Period tracking apps are very popular nowadays, and for a good reason. The busy lifestyle of today’s women makes it hard to remember the important thing – when the period starts and when it ends. Fortunately, the app stores offer such handy apps that will do the work for you – and we give you one of the top – Period Tracker.

The Features

Period tracker is the simplest app on the market – at least that’s what the manufacturer says. What you need to do is to add the date that your period started on, and that’s in. When you have entered at least three months of start and end period, the app will start predicting and sending notifications when your period is about to start. It has a clean interface, and it shows your fertile, infertile and period days on the calendar. You can also add notes, track your mood and sexual activity and more!

period tracker app

The Price

Period Tracker comes in two variants: lite and deluxe. The lite version is free for Android, iOS and Windows phones, and the deluxe version costs $1.99.

The Verdict

To be hones, every woman is in need of such app. I guess there are not many of us left who mark the dates on the actual calendar. So, if you would like to keep track of your period and don’t panic, Period tracker is a great app for you!

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