QWERTY Keyboard for Your Samsung Galaxy S6

slimtype qwerty keyboard for samsung galaxy s6

The physical keyboards are a thing that is rarely seen nowadays. It seems like BlackBerry is the only company that decided to keep them even though we live in a world of touch screen phones. However, for those of you who are somewhat nostalgic for the feel that physical keyboards give and Samsung is your preferred phone, you may find your solution here. Introducing the SlimType QWERTY keyboard cover.

The Norwegian company One2Touch has announced the QWERTY keyboard case accessory for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. This case is available only for these two models, and not for the plus models.

The physical keyboard will connect to the phone using NFC and not Bluetooth. After connecting it, you would need to download the official app from Google Play Store and that would be pretty much it.

The SlimType case is a very stylish piece of accessory, but its usability seems questionable. The thing is, you will probably be using it while holding the phone flat. It is still uncertain if the phone will be available to purchase in stores. The only this that is certain for now is that the company takes orders and that the case will cost $39 after its release.

How do you like the idea of having a physical keyboard? Share your thoughts with us!



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