Go Abstract With GeometriCam

geometricam app

There are tons of camera apps available on the smartphone market, each with there own features, some better than others. However, if we are talking about uniqueness, then today we have one of those camera apps that we can truly call unique. Introducing – GeometriCam.

The Features

Like every other camera app, this one is pretty simple to use. However, due to the unique concept of GeometriCam, I would advise you to take the tutorial after all. It will take you few minutes and it will make things clear. So, first, you have the big capture button, of course. You have all other options like switching between front and back camera, turning flash on and off etc.


There are two ways you can go with these apps: you can open existing pictures and edit them in the app, or live capture an image.

There are more than 30 filters that GeometriCam offers to its users. You can choose between circular, rectangular, triangle and other geometrical patterns to use. You can increase or decrease the size of the pattern, change colours and have fun in many different ways!

The Price

GeometriCam is available for iOS and you can get it for $1.99.

The Verdict

I really had fun with GeometriCam. Actually, I had so much fun that I didn’t even post any pictures around social media; I just simply liked experimenting with the app. The price is not an issue for such good app, so I would say – give it a try!

Download on iTunes


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