LG G5 Rumors

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There are a lot of rumors and lot of excitement going on about the upcoming LG G5. LG has really delivered many awesome phones on the market, but people seem to be really expecting much from their 2016 flagship phone. Let’s check out the rumors about the potential release date, specifications and features of the new LG G5!

Release Date

Even though many of their previous phones were released in late spring, according to some of the rumors circulating around, the LG G5 will come on in February – the 21st to be more exact.

Camera and Display

According to some leaks, the LG G5 will feature a 5.6″ 2K display. In terms of camera, it will come with a 21-megapixel primary camera and 5-megapixel camera for your selfies (honestly, how do people get so concise information?).

Removable Battery

Probably the most interesting rumor about the LG G5 is the one about its battery. It suggests that the LG G5 will be a unibody phone with a removable battery. You may ask how, because these things usually don’t go together. Here’s how: you would be able to pull ut the battery from the bottom of the phone. Pretty neat, ha? We just don’t know if it is true, of course. But if it is, this would be a total game-changer.

Other Rumors

There are also some specualtions going around that the phone will have the power button on the side, rather than at the rear side. Also, some suggest that the fingerprint scanners would be found on the back, which is not such a surprise considering the fact that many smartphone manufacturers decided to go with this option.

What are your thoughts? What do you think we can expect from the new LG G5?


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