Facebook Mentions: An App for Celebrities

facebook mentions app

Sure, we are all celebrities and famous in our own worlds, some of us even on Facebook. Well, Facebook released an app especially for celebrities. Don’t get your hopes to hight from the beginning though! You may be famous on the Internet, but do you have that blue mark of approval?

What is it really?

Basically, as stated before, this is exclusively for celebrities. The idea behind this app is to enable people who have a verified Facebook account to manage their social media profile easier. With this app, one can get an exclusive feed of all the people who have mentioned them in a post. So practically, one will get a similar-to-Twitter view, something you will see when searching for a certain hashtag.

facebook mentions

The app will let celebrities to post videos in real time, and also organize questions-answers session with fans. You can also choose who to show your posts to, track the popularity of certain topics, and of course, see how popular you are around social media.

The Cost

This app costs nothing and it is available for iOS and Android (4.1 and up versions). The tricky part is, no ordinary human can really use it. Yes, you can, if you are a celebrity with a Facebook verified profile as one.

In the end, you may probably feel left out as I feel myself. Discrimination based on popularity! 🙂


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