7 Minute Workout!


Now that New Year’s Eve has passed, we have a question to ask you: How are you resolutions looking? Have you booked a membership in the local gym or are you still under the influence of the ‘fiesta’? If you are still not able to convince yourself to get out of the chair and quit fooling around, let us help you with the entire convincing thing. Here’s an app that might as well help you get started – 7 Minute Workout!

The Features

7 Minute Workout is an app that is specially designed for those of us who have a hard time to actually make the first step. In the app, you will find 12 different workout techniques that can be done at home, and you would only need a chair and a wall. These are short exercises, but don’t underestimate them! All of those squads and push ups will give you hard seven minutes! Yet, according to the developer, to feel the real benefit of the exercise, it is advisable to repeat the sequence for two or three times. However, to get started with seven minutes is just fine.

7 minute workout

The Price

7 Minute workout is a free app for iOS and Android and it comes with in-app purchases.

The Verdict

If getting fit was on your list of resolutions – go for it! It is an awesome app that will get your muscles moving and maybe even convince you to change your lifestyle for the better. And now excuse me, I have a little training to do myself 🙂

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