OnePlus and Henchman Will Deliver Your Phone in Less Than 60 Minutes!


You remember that frustrating OnePlus invite system? Well, if you live in London and if you would like to get your hands on either OnePlus 2 or OnePlus X, tomorrow is you lucky day! OnePlus made a collaboration with Henchman and as a special offer tomorrow, they will deliver your selected phone at your doorstep!

Only tomorrow, January 21st, those of you who live in London can get the OnePlus X or One Plus 2, without an invite, and in 60 minutes.

The idea is amazing: You order one of both phones: the OnePlus X at the price of £199 and the OnePlus 2 at the price of £289. Out of all people who order a phone, there will be two lucky winners, selected at random. The lucky person who will order the OnePlus X model will receive the limited-edition ceramic version, and the other lucky person who will order the OnePlus 2 will receive a full bag of accessories.

But things get even better! OnePlus and Henchman guarantee a maximum of 60 minutes delivery, If by any chance you don’t receive your phone for 60 minutes, you will get it for free!

I think this is an offer you cannot refuse if you are a fan of these two phone models! Check the official Henchman website and check if they deliver in your area. Then, you would olny have to wait until tomorrow!


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