Your Phone Will Replace Your Hotel Room Key

hotel room key smartphone

It is evident that technology is advancing, but are we really aware to which point? Think of how the smartphone industry has changed in the last few years. First they were just phones with big screen, and now they are…well pretty much everything, from your camera, your notes, your game station, and in the end, your pal. If you thought that paying with your phone was advanced technology, then let us tell you about this. You can now unlock your hotel room with the help of your phone!

How It Works

If it can be a bank, then your phone can be a key also. In the famous Hilton hotel line, they have already starting to use this feature. Here’s how it work: When checking in, you will get the option to use your digital key on your smartphone. However, there is only ONE digital key, so if you are staying with someone else, you would need a physical key also for the other person. You need to launch the official app, in this case Hilton’s app. After setting up the details, naturally, you want to go to your room and try out the feature! You need to be 5 feet away from the door in order to be able to unlock it. After pressing the Unlock Now button, you would have to wait for 10 seconds.

Sure, waiting 10 seconds is not a long time, but it seems long when compared to using the physical key. Still, this concept is just starting to be noticed, and it has its flaws. However, considering how fast things are changing, you may expect very soon to see this feature pretty much everywhere!


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