OnePlus X Gets Oxygen 2.2.0

oneplus x update

The OnePlus X model which has been released over two months ago still raises a great fuss around smartphone lovers. Of course, it is a great phone that falls under the category of “Affordables”. OnePlus are now starting to roll up the updates for their OnePlus X devices. If you are a proud owner of this phone, you can expect to get you Oxygen 2.2.0 one of these days!

There are several improvements included in this update, but the most notable is the one that refers to the camera. While many complained that they are not able to use the camera as they would like, OnePlus included manual mode of the camera. Plus, when taking your pictures with your new and improved camera app, now you can hit the option “Save to SD Card”.

And of course, what does the update do if it doesn’t provide fixes for the bugs? This update deals with fixing some of the existing bugs that you may not have notice, yet they were there. Finally, a few good security updates are there to increase your safety when using the phone.

However, this update is still not based o the new Android Marshmallow. While OnePlus announced that their OnePlus One and OnePlus Two devices will be getting the Marshmallow based Oxygen at some point in Q1 in 2016, they haven’t made any official statements about when will OnePlus X users get the update. But one thing we know for sure is that the X users will get the update, and it is just a matter of time.


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