Gotta Go! – The App You Need

gotta go

Our lives are wild. We live fast, and sometimes not so smart. All of your previous choices have led you to where you are now, and if you are sitting at a dinner table at a fancy restaurant, yet the person who is sitting with you is the most boring person in existence. You need solution for that, don’t you!? Well, worry no more because Gotta Go is coming your way!

The Features

Gotta Go is a nice friendly app developed based on the concept by the comedian Chelsea Handler. Basically, what the app will help you with is that it will give you the perfect excuse to leave a disastrous date, a boring meeting or something similar- and a legit one!

There are big emojis that are suitable for different situations. Tapping on an emogi will result in you receiving a face call or text message that there is something urgent and that you gotta go, and gotta go fast! Pretty neat, eh?

You can create your fictional situation, set all the parameters and hit activate. The “events” will start unravelling after the time you set has passed.

The Price

Gotta Go is a free app and it is currently available on iOS only.

The Verdict

I am I love! I am totally sold! I would be even happy to pay for this app if it demanded that! No, really, we have all been in a situation hoping that our phone will ring and that there will be an emergency, and now you can make this app do that for you! Give it a go!


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