OnePlus X Invitations Are Officially Gone

oneplus x ceramic and onyx

We are all familiar with the dreaded OnePlus invite system. If you are from those who wanted to get their hands on a phone from this company, you were probably frustrated by the inability to get an invitation when you would like, or if you are like myself, you always got the invitation once you spent the money you planned to pay for the phone with. Well fans, we got a great news for you! The invite system for the OnePlus X is officially gone.

When the OnePlus One was released, there was a huge fuss going around because everybody wanted the phone but couldn’t get it. Even after the release on the OnePlus Two, they removed the invitations and made the phone invitation-free. The case was similar with the OnePlus Two, only they dropped the invite system quick after the release.

OnePlus X has been available to purchase with no invitation every Tuesday for the last couple of weeks, and now finally the invite system is entirely gone!

So now you can go to their website or Amazon and buy whichever of the three phones from OnePlus. Also keep in mind that OnePlus recently announced their free standard shipping option, so that is another thing on the plus side.

We know how you felt about the invite system since honestly, all of us did. However, share your thoughts with us! Will you give a go to some of the OnePlus phones?


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