Apple iTunes Radio is Not Free Anymore!

itunes radio

You may have noticed, or you may have not (yet). We hate to deliver bad new. You know Apple iTunes Radio. It is an awesome app where you can listen to the music you like, gender specified. Well, folks, Apple iTunes Radio is no longer free!

As of yesterday, if you go to the iTunes Radio you will find out that is no longer free to use. Starting from 2013, up until now, iTunes Radio was free and in the same time devoted to genre or artist specific music. Now, you are going to pay to use it. Sure, there are still several free stations, such as the Beats 1, BBC News, NPR or ESPN, and that’s about it.

To continue using the app, you have to subscribe. The first 90 days are free, but after that Apple will charge you $9.99 per month for single users and $14.99 for family plans with up to 6 accounts.

Still, there is a difference. While on the free version you could skip only several songs you don’t like and there were ads, with the new subscription plan, you can skip as many songs you would like and also there are no ads. So yes, you still get at least something.

What do you think? Is it legit to remove the ads ad charge for using the Apple iTunes Radio service? And are you willing to pay?


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