Be Fit With MyFitnessPal


Living a healthy life isn’t the easiest thing you can do in today’s fast living. Simply, sometimes you need a helping hand and a friendly reminder to help you out and make you change your habits. There are multiple apps available which are created for such goals, and today we have one of the best for you. So if you are planning to do some change, take MyFitnessPal to help you out!


The Features

MyFitness Pal is a simple app which can really help you out if you stick to it. First, you would need to make an account and set you height, weight, target weight and other parameters. And off you go! The idea is to add all the products you eat. The app has a large database of over 5 million products, and you can either manually search for it or use the barcode scanner. The app also has a tracker for your daily exercises and how many calories you lose.


If you are lost about what you should eat, then MyFitnessPal will suggest some nutritious meals you can make for yourself.

The Price

MyFitnessPal is a free app for Android, iOS and Windows phone. Yet, there are additional features available which will cost you $9.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly.

The Verdict

There is no reason why you would say ‘no’ to this app if you are trying to get fit. Sure, it is a good thing to have a calorie counter, but don’t get to much into it and turn into a high school drama queen who does nothing but counts calories! 🙂


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