Soon Your Will Be Charging Your iPhone Wirelessly

apple chargers

If you are an Apple device user for a certain amount of time, then you have probably encountered some problem with the chargers. It is no secret that Apple’s chargers are not their strongest assets. If you are tired of buying one charger after another every once in a while, we have some good news for you here – Apple will likely replace their unpopular chargers with wireless charging.

Wireless charging technology isn’t new. As you know, many companies have already implemented it. So in this sense, it seems like Apple is falling behind. Apple was also slower in implementing other technologies such as the NFC technology or the larger screens. However, that isn’t always a bad thing. For example, while Google Nexus phones had the wireless charging option, the latest Nexus phones didn’t come with the wireless charging technology. The reason for it may be the fact that it is much more expensive to get a wireless charging station than a simple cable. And after all, a cable is much easier to carry around if you are travelling.

Still, we give thumbs up to Apple for their plan to implement wireless charging technology. It is a really practical thing to have at your disposal. Still, we would have to wait a little bit more until we see this from Apple, since from what we know, Apple plans to implement it on their 2017 models.


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