Google Revealed How Much They Paid For Their Domain!


You know a while ago, there was this funny situation when Google lost their domain for exactly one minuter when their former employee bought it for $12. The situation was settled – the transaction was reviewed at the speed of light and Google got their domain back. Still, this story brought smiles on our faces and it was widely discussed and shared among people.

Let’s see what happened!

Sanmay Ved, the former Google employee, found out that Google somehow lost their ownership of the domain, so he simply bought it for $12. There was a quick reaction from Google and they soon got the domain back.

The interesting part of the story is that Google offered to Ved $6.006.13 for the domain. Those numbers spell Google, right? So it seems like Google were on their playful side! What’s even more interesting is that when Ved revealed that he will donate the money to charity, Google doubled their offer in order to support the cause!

So in the end, all’s well that ends well! Google got their domain back, Ved become famous around the world, and everybody won because of this incident since the money went to charity! It is a wild world where anything is possible, such as mistakes happening to the biggest companies that you think are perfectly synchronized in every field of their work!


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