OFFICIAL: The Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Launch on 21st February!

samsung galaxy s7 s7 edge

OFFICIAL [01.02.2016]: It is official folks! We reported just yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge may be released on the 21st February, and now it is confirmed!

The big event will happen at another big event – the mobile trade tech show in Barcelona, Spain. At the event we will also see LG’s G5 model, so it will be a big show off!

The date 11th March will be the date when the Samsung Galaxy S7 model will hit the stores in US and Europe. The specs and the price are still not officially published, so we will wait a little while!

In the mean time, check out the short teaser from Samsung:

UPDATE [31.01.2016]: It seems like thing are moving our way! According to the latest leaks circulating around, looks like it will be sooner before later. Many suggest that the Samsung Galaxy S7 models will launch in three weeks, or February 21st. It seems like a logical move, since one day later there is a great happening – namely the mobile trade tech show in Barcelona, Spain. However, the date 11th March is still not completely out of the picture.

When it comes to the models, it is suggested that there will be no Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge +. It seems a bit logical, since the Edge model seems to be 5.5″, and the Edge + slightly bigger 5.7″. But we will have to see about that also.

Original Article

We reported a while ago that the Samsung Galaxy S7, according to some rumours and leaks is supposed to launch somewhere in March. This phone is probably one of the most awaited phones for 2016, and for a good reason. But what makes things even more interesting is that we have only a slight idea of how the phone would look. Well, according to the latest reports, it seems like we only have to wait a little more to see what Samsung has to offer. According to numerous sources, the magical date for Samsung fans would be 11th March.

shai mizrachi

If you are not familiar with the name Shai Mizrachi, this is a famous leaker who seems to have some pretty accurate information about multiple phones. He was right about the dimensions of the S7, the release date of the S6 and S6 edge.

But different from last year when the Samsung Galaxy S6 models were released at different timings in Europe and USA, this year, it seems that the tables have turned and the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be released in the same time in both Europe and USA, and the date would be 11th March.

So, you can decide if you will trust the rumours or wait an see what happens. In any case, rumours are fun, and when it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S7, we are all eager to see what happens. Probably the thing we are most interested about is the price range. Even though leaks suggest that it will be cheaper than the S6, this is another thing we are yet to see.


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