BlackBerry Security Patch for February is Out Now!

blackberry priv.jpg security update

It is the first day of the month, and they have already done it! That’s right people, BlackBerry started rolling out their security patch for this month. For a company that really focuses on security, BlackBerry sets the right example by being right on time with their update!

The update will first be available for users who bought the device directly from BlackBerry, yet the people who bought the phone from their carrier partners will follow very soon after. BlackBerry manages to roll out the updates so fast since they do all the work themselves, instead of waiting on their partners to do it. So in order to do it, they need to find themselves the right partners. Funny thing is that BlackBerry only closes a partnership deal with companies that are willing to let BlackBerry do the job and do it fast.

To update your device with the latest security path, grab your phone and hit “Check for updates”! With the new update, you won’t be noticing any difference in terms of what you see, but your security level will go up yet once again. Well, of course, if you chose to go with BlackBerry, at least you know you are safe, and getting safer every month, while still having a great phone!


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