Protect Your Privacy With AppLock


We all have certain apps in our phones that are private to us and we don’t want anyone snooping around. Well, since people do snoop around, you need to protect yourself. There are many interesting apps available on the online app stores, and today we are going to share one of those with you. Keep your things safe and protect your privacy with AppLock!

The Features

AppLock is a simple app which you can use to set a pattern or pass code to the apps you would like to protect. It is a very simple app to use – you install it, choose the apps you want to lock, set a pattern or a pass code and that’s it. There are different styles and skins you can use and customize the experience. There is even an option to shuffle the numeric keyword if you are using password in order to protect yourself from people who may be looking across your shoulder.

The Price

AppLock is a free app. However, it contains ads, so if you would like to get rig of them, you would have to pay. Also, you can choose to remove the ads but in that way, you would only get the basic features of the app. And if you want the premium version without paying, you will have to get used to the ads.

The Verdict

Not everybody needs and app locking app, but if you are on of those who need it, then you need to check AppLock out!

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