Google is Implementing Safe Browsing

google ads warning

There is a reason why Google is such a big company and why the search engine is the most widely used search engine – innovation. Ever since its beginning, Google has been oriented towards the users, setting them as top priority. Now, they have decided to add yet another option that will save users from frustration.

The new option by Google will be saving your from any embedded content or pages overloaded with ads. When clicking on such website, Google will give you a warning sign that something fishy may be going around.

You know those little ads on your phone saying: “Your phone is at risk”? That is what Google will warn you about before going to such website. What Google is trying to do here is to locate any suspicious actions when the website is pretending to be a trusted entity, when in reality, it isn’t. Another thing that Google is aiming to do is warn you about website that may be trying to lure you into giving them personal information such as your password or credit card number.

So folks, what do you think about this latest feature from Google? Share your thoughts with us!


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