Never Forget You Password With LastPass

lastpass app

After all of the events when people got their private data leaked and all the events revolving around Edward Snowden made people question their security. A fact is – we use the Internet every day and we are in need to think of more secure passwords. However, remembering passwords is not an easy thing to do, yet keeping them in a simple memo file may not be exactly the safest thing you can do. Good thing we have apps to take care of it, and we give you LastPass.

The Features

The first thing you should do is make an account and set it up. You would need to think of one master password which will enable you to use all other passwords. However, LastPass give you the option to use the fingerprint scanner instead of setting a master password.

LastPass lets you retrieve your passwords from other devices also. So basically, this means that you have access to all of your accounts from everywhere. The app also uses advanced encryption technology, so even if a hacker stole information, it would be useless to them.

The Price

LastPass is a free app for both Android and iOS. However, there are in-app purchases.

The Verdict

Why the hell not? If you are like myself who would rather use unsafe passwords, that trying to remember long and complex ones, then give this app a go. Suddenly, you will see your life getting a little less complicated.


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