Spend Less Space with Facebook Lite

facebook lite

Facebook is an app we use on a daily basis. So regardless if we love or hate Facebook, a fact is, we use it. However, there are many indications that Facebook is a heavy app that uses too much space, keeps too much cache and takes too much RAM memory. There are some alternatives of the Facebook app, but Facebook Lite is probably the app you need if you are getting frustrated by the things mentioned above.

The Features

Facebook Lite is an official Facebook app. It was originally created for marketers who need to be on Facebook for marketing purposes even when the connection is weak. Still, this app is available to everyone and you might as well use it for your own good!

The app as pretty much the same as the original Facebook app. The difference is that it has its built-in messaging system, so you won’t have to bother and additionally keep the Facebook Messenger app.

Additionally, this app consumes less data, so if you are using mobile Internet you may need exactly this.

The Price

Of course, the Facebook Lite app is free and it is available for all mobile operating systems.

The Verdict

If you are on the lookout to save some data and some battery, give Facebook Lite a try. It is a nice (literally) little app, which might just be this right thing you need.


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