Would You Like Some Promo Codes?

promo codes app

Promo codes for apps are a wonderful thing if you manage to get your hands on one of those. Of course, who wouldn’t want a great premium app at the cost of nothing?! A while ago, Google introduces their app promo codes. Good thing there is an app that covers everything up – Promo Codes!

The Features

Things are straight forward here. Of course, you need to download the app. Promo Codes will show you which app is available with a promo code for the day, and all you need to do is hit “I’m feeling lucky”. If you are not only feeling, but actually are lucky, you will get a promo code which you can use for a premium app. If you are just feeling lucky, but in reality you are not, at least you will get a little message saying “Better luck next time”.

There is only one app per day, so if you already have the app or you don;t really like it, you would have to wait for the next day.

The Price

Promo Codes is, of course (duh) a free app for all Android users.

The Verdict

Who doesn’t like free stuff?! Well, we all do. There’s no need to explain why you need to go to the Play Store and download Promo Codes now! Go, go, go!


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