Confirmed: LG G5 Will be Released on 21st February!


The big event is approaching – the MWC 2016 in Barcelona, Spain. Few days ago we reported that Samsung will be releasing their new flagship phone on this event, and now it is confirmed that LG will also do a great show on the MCW. Folks, it is official – the LG G5 will be released to the public on 21st January!

We are still not sure what exactly to expect from the new LG flagship, but there are a lot of rumours going around. It seems like the LG G5 will be a bigger and better phone, naturally. It is expected to be a phone with a 5.6″ Quad HD display. It will probably have a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, and an iris scanner, something we haven’t seen yet in the world of smartphones. Also, we suppose it would have a “magic slot” which will be used for different hardware gadgets.

LG announced the date of release through their Twitter profile, saying that users can expect the new flagship phone on 21 February.

Still, let us leave the rumours aside and be excited! After all, we are only few weeks away from seeing what LG has prepared for us this time. Whatever it is, one thing is for sure – it will be good! Are you excited!?


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