Textra Gives Your the Marshmallow Emojis


You probably know Textra. It is only the so-called “God’s gift to the Android operating system”. Yes, it is an awesome app and now it even becomes more awesome. You know that only a fraction of all Android users had the luck to upgrade to Android Marshmallow. Well, for those of you who still have’t got the update, ad for those of you who are, unfortunately not going to get it, Textra gives you a bit of teste of the new Android Marshmallow.

Textra has a great set of emojis that are Marshmallow-like. This text messaging app has over 1600 different emojis that you can use. It is a free app, but of course it has ads. If you want to go all premium, you would have to pay $3.

The real awesome thing is that if you are, let’s say, and artistic person, you can completely express your thought through emojis, without even using words. There are many different expressions available at your fingertip, so basically, if you have the right person to share such pictographic thought with, you might as well enjoy this new way of texting!

So guys, what do you think about Textra? Will you give it a try?


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