Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ Will Not Be Released in the UK?


The big date when we will finally see the Samsung Galaxy S7 series phones is approaching. Just as a reminder, it is 21st February. While it wasn’t certain if the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ will, after all, exist, according to the latest rumours, it probably will, but it will not be released in the UK.

According to Techradar and their “inside man”, Samsung didn’t quite got what the expected from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge in the UK. Another decision they made was not to release the Samsung Note 5 in the UK, which according to them, turned out to be a big mistake.

Of course, the Galaxy Note series is for those who enjoy big and mighty phones, so one would ask himself is the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge+ really necessary.

So according to this rumour, what the users in the UK will be getting is the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, which seems like a great idea.

So guys, what do you think about this? Is it possible there would not be a Galaxy S7 Edge+ at all? Whatever the case is the Mobile World Congeress is close, and we will see what happens on a very short notice! So stay tuned with us for more!


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