The Sundance VR app

sundance vr app

There is still a great deal of hype going on about virtual reality. After all, it gets better and better by the day, so one can never get bored. While 2015 really brought virtual reality as a main topic on the table, in 2016 things are staying pretty much at the same high level.

You all know the Sundance film festival. It is only the most popular film festival in terms of independent movies. While not all get the privilege of attending the festival, we are all in for a treat! Thanks to the Sundance VR app, you can not taste the film festival yourself!

You can download the app on the Play Store, but not all of you may get to use it. Namely, in order to experience the app and the idea behind it, you would need the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR. What this app will give you are specially selected short films, music videos, and VR videos of different types, even if you are not attending the festival in reality.

As you can see, virtual reality is coming closer and closer to us, and in near future probably will become an everyday thing. In reality, this would be so cool and it will open many new doors for us, and the Sundance VR is just the beginning! Are you excited!?



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