Now You Can Swap Between Instagram Accounts In-App


Because of the popularity of Instagram, it is not only used by photography enthusiast, but also by businesses who want to showcast themselves on social media. It is probably the case with many of you that while you are posting nice pictures on your personal profile, you also need to do some business stuff on Instagram. While it was a real bummer to have to log out and log in from a different account, we had to go with it. But now, Instagram finally made some changes and you can switch between different accounts in-app!

Instagram announced today that they are releasing an update to their app, which will enable users to manage multiple accounts. The layout of the app is really similar to Gmail’s change account layout.

Once you get the update, you can add multiple accounts by going to your profile settings. The active interface will always remind you which profile you are posting from, to make sure that you will never confuse posting a food porn picture on your business account.

So what do you think? Do you agree that this is the thing that we have all been waiting for from Instagram? Didn’t life become much easier?


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