OnePlus Two at a Permanent Lower Price!

oneplus two styleswap

OnePlus has made some rookie mistakes, but still it is a relatively new company. Their mistakes in terms of marketing may had an impact of the , but from what we are seeing from OnePlus lately, they seem like they got their head in the game. First, they started giving out free shipping on all orders above $100, they, they got rid of their dreaded invite system, and now they gave their current flagship phone, the OnePlus Two a permanent reduction in price.

The OnePlus Two has never been cheaper!

Their current flagship killer phone has been released at the price of $389 in the US, €399 in Europe and £289 in the UK. With the reduction of the price, the phone will cost $349, €345  and £249 respectively. These prices are for the 64 GB model of the OnePlus Two. The 32 GB model will no longer be available on the US, UK and European market.

Last, but not least, anyone who bought the OnePlus Two in the last 15 days will get a refund and will get the difference in price returned to their account. Additionally, OnePlus is giving away a free StyleSwap cover for your phone – a small gift from the company for Valentine’s Day! Hip-hip-hooray!


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