Extend Battery Life With Greenify

greenify app

Battery draining is a problem all of us face very day. Well, don’t blame the battery! We use our smartphones too much, and this is only logical. However, there is a way to extend your battery life by managing your apps and minimizing the usage of those unneeded. There are different apps of this kind on the market, and today we present one of these which seems to be pretty great and does it job – Greenify.

The Features

Greenify works at the simple principle of analysing the apps that run in the moment, and letting you terminate all unneeded ones that are draining your battery. The app will show you all the apps which are running at te moment, including those in the background that you may not be aware of.

The option “Hibernate” lets you terminate all apps you would like until the next time you need them, helping your battery run longer. You can also create a”hibernate now” shortcut, which you can quick-access whenever you need it.

The Price

Greenify is a free app and you can download it on the PlayStore. There is also a paid version with few experimental features at your disposal.

The Verdict

Greenify seems to top other apps of this kind, simply because of the options it offers. If you need some extra battery life, give it a try.

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