Samsung Galaxy S7 Leaked Wallpapers

samsung galaxy leaked wallpapers

It seems like we are learning something new every day about Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. While some of the leaks turned out to be true, the others, unconfirmed one will get their verdict is two weeks when the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be officially released.

Yet, leaks are still continuing to come out, and today there is another one. Today, on Summobile forum, there was a thread claimed that the official Samsung Galaxy S7 wallpapers have been leaked. The name of the leaker is J.K. Shine, so one has many reasons to ask themselves if we are talking about the same guy who happens to be Samsung’s former CEO.

We cannot say for sure if Shine is really behind all of this, nor we can say for sure if these really are the actual official wallpapers. Whatever the case is, the wallpapers seem pretty legit, and seem to match the style we saw in the previews of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 line.

You can check out the original forum thread and see what the deal is about, and make your own judgement about the identity of the leaker, as well as the validity of the wallpapers!


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