Spice Up Valentine’s Day with iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide

iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do something special. Don’t get us wrong – you should do something special more often, but you must not miss doing it on Valentine’s Day. Among all of that love that will be spread, it is only natural to have some special sexy time going on. If you are looking to spice things up this Valentine’s Day, or to make sex special and exciting, here as an app that might just give you the right ideas – iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide.

The Features

As the name itself clearly indicates, iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide is your mobile version of the old (but gold) book of sex positions Kamasutra. What the app will give you are exciting and new sex positions you might want to try in the bedroom and have some fun!

The Price

iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide is a free ap which comes with in-app purchases. With the free version, you will get 30 exciting sex positions. If you are willing to pay $2.99 this Valentine’s Day, that number will be increased to 100!

The Verdict

Sex is a part of every Valentine’s Day, so if you are looking to make it special, you might as well give iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide a try. After all, you may never know where the path of excitement leads you!

Happy Valentine’s Day and have some great fun in the bedroom!

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