LG Launches a Smart Cover for LG G5

lg g5 quick cover case

The new LG flagship phone, the LG G5 is just around the corner. Still, it seems like the Korean company always likes to have things ready in advance, and this time, there is no exception. While the LG G5 still isn’t released, LG released a protective smart cover for their new phone!

LG’s Quick Cover is designed to, first and most important, protect your smartphone. Still, it is not just any case, and that’s why it is called a smart case after all. With the LG’s Quick Cover, you can answer calls or silence (and snooze in fact) alarms. You can do all of that without even opening the case.

LG’s Quick Cover for the LG G5 is a semitransparent mesh cover. There is also a fully transparent window for the time and status of the phone. It has a glossy metallic finish which will give the phone a high end look and a premium feel. The glossy finish of the case matches the overall design of the phone, so with this, LG confirmed the rumour that the LG G5 will also have a metallic finish.

So, we know the details about the case for sure, but about the phone…let’s say we are still not entirely sure. Good thing that February 21 is very close!


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