UPDATE: Alto’s Adventures Available on Android!


UPDATE: As we reported few days ago, Alto’s Adventures is coming for Android and for free! Well, the wait is over since Alto’s Adventures is now available on Google Play store! Go, and check out the game!

get it on google play


UPDATE: It seems that the wait is (almost) over for Android users who wanted to get their hands on one of the most popular games at the moment – Alto’s Adventures. All Android users will be able to download and play Alto’s adventures from Google Play starting 11th February.

The best part about this is that the Android users will get this app for free! That’s right! While the app costs $1.99 on iOS, the company decided to make it free for Android because of a simple reason – piracy. Piracy is more common on Android, and there will be very few people who will be willing to pay if they know there would be a pirated version.

So how are you feeling about Alto’s Adventures? Pretty excited, eh? If you are not familiar with this game, check out out original review below!


[ORIGINAL ARTICLE]: It often happens to become obsessed with a mobile game, and we think we might found the next thing that will keep you awake at night. Introducing – Alto’s Adventures.


The Gameplay

You start as Alto, a nice shepherd who’s llamas just escaped! Your goal is to slide down the mountain and take back as many llamas as possible. The game is endless, so as you are gliding down the hill the difficulty level will increase.

When beginning with a slide down the mountain, you will be presented with three goals you can achieve during the slide. Completing these goals will allow you to unlock new snowboarders who have different special skills.


The Features

The game offers a shop in which you can buy items with the coins you collect during the game. There are cool things to buy, for example the magnet timer or the wingsuit. However, currently there are not many items at disposal at the shop.

The thing that probably makes this game unique are the great, minimalistic, even calming graphics. As you are sliding down the mountain, the background will move also, presenting a vivid image of the surrounding.


The Price

Alto’s Adventures is available on iOS, costing $1.99.


The Verdict

Alto’s Adventures may remind you of the classic Ski Safari. The basis of the both games is the same, yet they focus on different things. If you want to use more features and power-ups, then go for Ski Safari. But if you would rather enjoy in a different gaming experience accompanied by stunning graphics, Alto’s Adventures will be the next great thing for you.


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