Google Clock App Get a New Update

google clock app

In the world of apps, there are updates that are huge, such as bug fixes and security patches, yet there are other, small updates that are not so important, yet enhance user experience. Google Clock receives such minor update.

The great thing about Android is the ability to use widgets. While the Google Clock app is one of the most used of its kind, what many disliked was the inability to resize the clock and to make it the size they would like. However, with this minor update, you will be able to change that.

Google Clock now lets you resize the clock of your choice, whether analogue or digital. The app also bring a few minor bug fixes reported by the users. Also, what else comes with this update are drops shadows to the digital clock widget, making it appear more modern.

Sure, this isn’t exactly a major update, but for an app from this range, it is just the right thing to do. I personally am very picky when it comes to the size of the clock on the home screen, and that is the reason why I avoided using Google Clock – because I couldn’t resize it. But with this update, tables have turned.


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