Instagram Will Soon Reveal Video Views


Instagram is among the most popular social networks among photo fanatics and those who want to express themselves through videos. In fact, there are many videos on Instagram, and you may have some on your own. While the likes keep piling up, you don’t really know how many people have actually viewed it. Well, that’s about to change because Instagram just announced that they will be telling you about the popularity of the videos very soon!

When opening a video you have uploaded, you can see the number of people who viewed the video besides the people who liked it. As a view, Instagram will count every video that has been played for at least 3 seconds. Scrolling past a video while you are on Instagram won’t count.

While this update may not mean a lot to you, it means the world to celebrities and brands. With this feature, users will be available to know the exact number of views, similarly to what users see on YouTube.

This feature is just one of the features that Instagram is planning to release in near future. All we know for now about this update is that it will be available in the next few weeks.


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