NVIDIA Offer a Valentine’s Day Discount


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many companies have special offers for their users. You can find numerous discount wherever you look around (and not only just on the Internet), celebrating love, or helping you go through Valentine’s Day if you are a hater. NVIDIA also joins the Valentine’s Day celebration by having a huge sale on six different games from GeForce Now and Google Play.

One the list of games, you can fin the horror game “The Park”, a game set in an amusement park, yet not so cheerful as the setting may suggest. There is also “This War of Mine” a survival stimulation game which will keep you excited and even scared.

The rest of the games are Submerged, Dustoff Heli Rescues, Juju and Windward. The GeForce Now games have a 33% disocunt, and the games on the PlayStore are 50-67% off. You can go and find your preferred game at a special time and start having great fun!

So basically, if you are single this Valentine’s Day, you have some great games to help you go through the entire Valentine’s Day enthusiasm. On the other hand, if your girlfriend/boyfriend is a games, then you have yet another fun activity you can do together on Valentine’s Day!




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