MyShake App – Spot Earthquakes

myshake app

While earthquakes happen, we usually don’t have warning signs, and panic when we are in the middle of it. A group of scientists from UC Berkeley developed and app which if used correct and used widely, it can really make a change in the warnings we receive about upcoming earthquakes.

The idea behind this app is simple – your phone already has a built-in accelerometer. By using this app and the accelerometer of your phone, you can track any suspicious movement that may count as an earthquake. Still, we move with out phones a lot, so not all shaking information will be correct. The right way to use this app is to position it on a flat surface and let it do its job. Of course, you can not just sit and wait for and earthquake – but since out phones usually lie on flat surfaces when we are not using it, the app can really tell you if something is happening.

Any such suspicious movement will be reported back to the developers. In order for the mission to be successful, you must not be the only one in your area using this app. If more people from the same area track the same suspicious movement, it will simply mean that something is going on.

The idea behind this app is great and noble. So go and tell your friends all about it in order to make the earthquake warning system a better one!


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