Share Your Thoughts With Paralign

paralign app

You know how some people use every social network available to show of their artistic side? Well, it is all okay until someone decides to become and author on Instagram (really, Instagram is for pictures, and only small captions). If you know someone who seems to misuse Instagram for example, of you yourself are and artistic sould and inspirational writer, we have the perfect app for you – Paralign.

The Features

Paralign is a social media app that lets you share your thoughts with others. As the developers of the app suggest, “it all starts with a thought”. Based on that though, the app will let you find great minds who think like yourself. You can connect to others by sending messages, and you can also assign moods to your thoughts.

The app has a minimalistic design, and besides the fact that is so very simple to use, it is also very pleasant to look at.

The Price

Paralign is an absolutely free app with no in-app purcases!

The Verdict

If you know how to express well using words, or if you have great messages you want people to read, then Paralign is the right choice for you. Share your thoughts with people who want to read it, and find people who think just like yourself!


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