Is Samsung Releasing A Batman vs. Supermen Variant?


A number of actors tried to portray Batman, with the upcoming Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice role offering a more controversial approach that ties – up with the movie. According to a new report out of Korea, Samsung is planning to release a special Batman v Superman Edition of its soon-to-be-announced Galaxy S7 Edge handset.

This phone is going to be one of three limited variants that  the Korean conglomerate is planning to launch this year, with a second paying homage to the 2016 Winter Olympics and a third related to a Korean music act.

It is so unlikely The Batman v Supermen Edition is going to be released until either March or April. We can recall on Galaxy s6 Edge Iron Man Edition, a special limited edition variant that was released in Korea and China in very small supply. In addition to the Iron Man Edition “red colored” phone itself came with a similarly themed Iron Man wireless charging pod and a Red colored protective case as well. This phone is the only that is given the special color treatment and proper priority.

The second coming of Iron Man?

The most obvious approach to this product would be a follow-up to the aforementioned Iron Man Edition Galaxy S6 Edge. It could be serially numbered, and released in extremely limited quantities.

Samsung itself has even recently, released “special editions” of its phones that were arguably more marketing push than anything else. For example, Just a few weeks ago a Galaxy Note 5 Winter Edition was released in South Korea.

The final consideration is that the potential product could be a mash-up of both these potential ideas. Samsung could just stamp a Batman logo onto the back and call it quits. The upcoming unpacked event scheduled for this coming Sunday, February 21st ahead of the formal start of Mobile World Congress on Monday, February 22nd.

It would be nice of You if You just leave Your thoughts bellow. Do you like it or dislike it, it is good or bad idea. We will definitely appreciate your opinion about the possibility of a DC Comics edition Galaxy S7 Edge, or more important – how much are you willing to spend on it.


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