Instagram Gets a Two-Factor Authentication

instagram logo

We reported few days ago that Instagram has announced some changes that will make the service better for its users. This time Instagram is doing a huge step when it comes to security, finally getting a two-factor authentication!

The reason for this is the hackers who are going around and trying to steal accounts. The account theft is done in order to make money out of someone else’s profile, which is not a nice thing to do! However, this things happen, so not only Instagram, but all of the social media networks are taking great measures in order to provide better security.

Last year, Instagram did some experimenting with their security measures. Namely, they had a non-traditional approach by having the reset codes screenshoted or written down. However, it seems like Instagram still chose to get rid of it and choose the simple way of doing things. The Instagram says that they are rolling out the update slowly, yet we expect to see a complete implementation of the update in the next few months. With this updates, Instagrem is aiming to give a higher level (and sense) of security to users, and of course, prevent account theft.


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