Gmailify Your Email Account!


There are tons of email services available everywhere, and we all use on of them (or even more). However, when it comes to organization of your email, Gmail by Google is among the top of the competitors on the list. If you thought you were missing out on things, here’s Gmailify to help you out!

First let`s define Gmailify, it is a process bringing all the best parts of Gmail to non-Google accounts. Through this process you will be able to get key features, like spam protection and inbox organization on your Yahoo, Outlook, or Hotmail accounts, without changing your address. What you will need to have is an existing Gmail account for these other inboxes to ‘piggyback’ off of. Next step to do is to open up the latest version of the Gmail app and sign into your non-Gmail accounts. Enable “Gmailify,” and you’re on your way to getting all the perks of Google’s popular email service without having to abandon that super cool MSN email address.

Google promises that you will always be in control of your account, and Non-Gmailified addresses will still be accessible through the Gmail app.

What do you think about the plans of Google services? Feel free to ask or offer some ideas. Let us know your thoughts in the comments bellow.


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