Skype Brings Group Video Calls on Android

skype group video call android

As we know, we live in a world where almost everyone has someone abroad. When missing someone talking on the phone is not enough, but by having an app like Skype you can easily not just talk, but also see the people that are far away from you. As the most popular video calling, Skype has neglected iPhone and Android phone users when it came to group video support.

Let`s say you have a lot of friends in abroad and you want to see them all at the same time, so that is it, now with Skype finally you’ll get support for up to 25 participants, as well as 1080p quality, with the choice to broadcast your front or back camera (and switch them on the fly). As you might expect, the Skype team also made some specific UI tweaks for group calling.

A view of what you are broadcasting is pinned to the lower right corner, and you can then choose a view different view modes including a grid mode that lets you sell all the callers lined up in a grid, or a focus view that shows just the active speaker. Also you can pin a favorite particular participant that you want to focus on. Another thing is that you can invite people to your conversation that are not even on your Skype Contact`s list.

Let us know what is your opinion and your thoughts! When it comes to group video calling, do you prefer to take your computer or your mobile device?


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