The Samsung Galaxy S7 Gets A Bigger Battery than the S6

samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge

When talking about last year`s Galaxy S6 device, the main theme was its battery life, because the 2550 mAh cell just couldn’t handle a full day of use for many people. Samsung as a company is not afraid to reply on all complaints, and as a solution, offers a solid jump a 3000 mAh battery inside, and the larger-screened Galaxy S7 edge has a considerably bigger 3600 mAh battery as well.

That 3000 mAh is about 17 percent larger than the Galaxy S6, and if you’ll recall is the same size battery as what’s available in the Galaxy Note 5, though this is being done in a much smaller 5.1-inch device. Battery life is hardly an issue on the Note 5, and hopefully that translates to battery life no longer being a problem for the Galaxy S7 either.

This solution just may be the choice for those who want guaranteed full-day battery longevity. In both phones the additional battery isn’t compromising the size of the device, either, with each one coming in at roughly the same thickness as their predecessor.

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