OnePlus 3 Will Launch in Q2 of 2016!

oneplus carl pei

OnePlus phones have been a kind of mystery when first appearing on the market. It seems like they came out of nowhere, and all of the sudden people became really interested in what the deal is all about. They launched their second flagship phone, the OnePlus Two back in July 2015, but to what their co-founder and CEO Carl Pei announced in an interview with CNET, it seems like OnePlus Three is coming our way sooner than expected!

What Pei announced in the interview is that the OnePlus Three will be coming somewhere in late Q2 of 2016. If you do you calculations, that is somewhere in June, which doesn’t seem so distant.

Pei spoke about a new design of the phone, and also referred to the US market as the one of the most important markets for their new flagship phone.

When it comes to marketing, Pei announced a change of plan; namely, the company will finally do some traditional marketing as the other phone manufacturers, rather than keeping way from the mainstream channels and building a strong presence on the Internet.

What we don’t know is if there will be the famous (and dreaded) invite system, nor we know any details about the specifications of the phone. Yet, it is too early to talk about that.

Are you excited about the upcoming OnePlus Three? Because I am! We will bring you the details as soon as we get them!


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