HTC Announced a “Very, Very Compelling Camera” on the M10


With the WMC finally behind us, we are still in the process of sorting out our impressions. Samsung and LG really had notable things to share, but it seems as in a short term we will see something awesome from HTC.

We all know that HTC hasn’t performed great in the last few years, and they are announcing a huge comeback with their new flagship phone.

“We can confidently say that HTC will have a very, very compelling camera experience,” says Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang. Considering the fact the the camera was probably the most disappointing thing on the HTC One M9, we are really hoping that things will be different this time. After all, we live in  a digital and mostly visual era when we are dependant on our phones, but also love to capture a picture or two (or a hundred!) every day. If HTC recovers from the last year’s camera failure, things may be moving in an upowrd direction fro this company.

When is the HTC One M10 coming? We still don’t know, but is is said it will be “very soon”. The only thing we can do is wait until further notice. We know we can expect a strong design and build, but everything else is uncertain!


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