Selfies Banned in Mumbai!


Selfies have been a thing for some time now, and event though many people enjoy taking them, sharing them, and seeing some from other attractive individuals, let’s not forget that there is a dark side of everything (even the Moon). We must face the fact that there have been 49 (if not more) selfie-related deaths – which is really scary and tragic.

Out of those 49, 19 deaths occurred in India. As the media in India calls it, there is a “selfie fewer”, and people become even to obsessed with it. From those reasons, Mumbai made it illegal to take selfies in 46 areas which are labelled as high-risk for such activity.

According to Keerti Sachdeva, a psychologist from Mumbai:”…people have this sort of feeling in adolescent age, especially that they need to get this acceptance from everyone, that I am a smart person, I am a good-looking person. So for acceptance and recognition they are indulging in the taking of selfies.”

I would personally agree that this is a good thing that Mumbai has done, but it still is only addressing the problem from one side. Selfies can be fun, but if not being cautious about them, as well as everything else in our lives, in the given circumstances, things can go wrong. So a message to all selfie lovers: Keep up what you are doing if it makes you happy, but always be careful since a good picture is not worth as much as getting in danger.


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