Samsung Flagship Phones to Receive This Month’s Security Patches

samsung flagship phones

Samsung has really dedicated time and energy to releasing security patches for their phones every month. This followed after Google announced to do the same for their Nexus devices, so Samsung decided to follow their path because this is genuinely a good thing.

For this month, Samsung announces that their flagship phones will receive this month’s security patch Over the Air.

What flagship phones? Hmm…great question.

It seems a bit shady as of which phones Samsung sees as their flagship phones. Still, the case is that they are probably thinking about all phones released since 2014 and which are thier high-end models from the series, including the Samsung Galaxy S5, the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, and very likely the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Note 5, and even the Samsung Galaxy TabS and Tab S2. This is only a logical conclusion, and it would be really strange if things turned out otherwise.

What we expect from February’s security patch are of course, first of all bug fixes, as well as memory corruption and buffer overflow attack vulnerabilities improvements.

What do you think that Samsung will bring this time? If you are one of those who are receiving this security patch, let us know in the comments section what do you think about it!


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