Facebook Will Get Live Video Streaming

facebook live streaming

As announced before Facebook is now getting ready to bring its live video streaming service to Android in an attempt to compete with Periscope. Unlike the Twitter-owned Periscope, Facebook’s video feature is integrated into their existing app. After your device hits the update you will need to do to start recording is hit “What’s on your mind?” option at the top of your news feed and choose the live video icon.

Next thing you should do is put in a quick description and you’ll start streaming. Same like that other service, you’ll receive comments in real-time that you can choose to respond to. Once you end the recording, the whole thing is saved onto your Timeline.

The question here is “When exactly can we expect that update?” For those in the United States, it’ll be hitting sometime over the next week. Facebook says it will arrive to plenty of other markets sometime after that, though no specific timeframes are given.

What are your thoughts? Is this something you will use? Is a good or bad idea? Or for those into video streaming, are you perfectly content to keep on using Periscope? Leave your comment below and share your opinion with us.


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