VIDEO: Rock, Paper, Scissors – Celebrating Android Device Diversity

android video

The Android operating system is really a world of its own – it is so versatile and free, and everyone is free to join in. Android released an adorable video featuring none other but a rock, scissors and a piece of paper.

While in the traditional Rock, Paper, Scissors game, we know that the three elements are clear opponents. However, what this video teaches us is that you don’t need to be the same in order to be good to each other. Just as these cute characters, when they see someone else in need, they are here to give a helping hand!

Besides being totally cute, this video sends a strong message and maybe you will hear less people talking which phone runs better on Android. Because Android means sharing, and sharing is caring!

Check out the video below and tell us what you think! We absolutely loved it and we really think that it will bring a smile on your face!


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